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What is the Python Worker?

The Python Worker is an object grouped under the OW3 Worker Objects that can be used to interopreate with a Python script. Below we discuss more about Python, setting up the Python worker up and using it.


Python is a powerful, fast, open-source, interpreated programming language that can run everywhere. With its rich ecosystem of packages, it can be the perfect completion to your Omnis application.

The Python Worker enables the integration of new and existing Python scripts into Omnis Studio and therefore expands the capabilities of your application.

Python is not packaged with Omnis Studio, therefore you will need to install it separately.


Pip is the package manager and installer for Python. With pip, you can install packages for Python which can be subsequently called from Omnis Studio.

At the time of writing, pip is not packaged with Omnis Studio, meaning you will need to install it manually (usually comes with the Python installer).