Stapling notarized applications

Once your application has been successfully checked by Apple, a ticket is produced that tells Gatekeeper your application is notarized.

After notarization completes, the next time any user attempts to run your app on macOS 10.14 or later, Gatekeeper finds the ticket online. This includes users who downloaded your app before notarization.

You should also attach the ticket to your software using the stapler tool, so that future distributions include the ticket. This ensures that Gatekeeper can find the ticket even when a network connection isn’t available.

To attach a ticket to your app, bundle, disk image, or flat installer package, use the stapler tool:

xcrun stapler staple "/path/to/"

While you can notarize a ZIP archive, you can’t staple to it directly.
Instead, run stapler against each item that you added to the archive.
Then create a new ZIP file containing the stapled items for distribution. Although tickets are created for standalone binaries, it’s not currently possible to staple tickets to them.