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What is the JavaScript Worker?

The JavaScript Worker is an object grouped under the OW3 Worker Objects that can be used to interoperate with Node.js. Below we discuss more about Node.js and npm, the package manager.


Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, asynchronous, event-driven server environment powered by Google's V8 JavaScript enginem, making it a seamless fit for Omnis Studio.

The JavaScript Worker enables the integration of pre-existing Node.js applications into Omnis Studio and empowers the expansion of Omnis Studio's capabilities by incorporating Node.js-based modules.

Node.js is packaged with Omnis Studio and you can find out the version by executing path/to/node --version from the terminal (or command prompt on Windows).


npm is a JavaScript package manager and it is the world’s largest software registry at the time of writing. With npm, you can install packages for Node.js which can be subsequently called from Omnis Studio.

At the time of writing, npm is not packaged with Omnis Studio, meaning you will need to install it manually and it must match with the version of Node.js, otherwise some packages may not run or load correctly.

If you install the same version of Node.js Omnis Studio packages on your system, npm will be installed alongisde it.